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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy to help you show up organically higher in search engines aka Google, Bing, Yahoo.  SEO is one of the most powerful channels for online marketing and can be done both organically & with paid search.

Launch Mastery Marketing team members have been working in SEO for many years have conducted thousands of successful SEO Audits, & created powerful plans for engagement, ranking and conversion rate optimization programs.


Conversion Rate, User Experience + Offerings

After we get your strategy together for keywords we move on to user experience and help you create & implement offerings to increase your conversion rate and get more actual leads from your site.  We’ve become masters at helping you set your site up for success from the very beginning, avoiding the common pitfalls that most face because their sites aren’t built for actual search optimization.  We help you craft a powerful user experience that has offerings they actually want and will increase your conversion rates.


Reviewing competitor strategy is a very important part of your SEO plan.  Search Engines have an algorithm that other brands are also competing for, so we make sure to set you up for success by reviewing how we can beat out your competition for both on & off page factors.  Even as we look at your own sites, we also review which competitors are generating the bulk of organic traffic, and what their strengths from an SEO, content marketing, and social media perspective are so we can help you outrank them :).

Responsive Design

Much of the traffic on the web now is done through devices other than desktop computers.  Search engines prioritize sites that are responsive on multiple devices so we make sure you have the right triggers on your site. We can diagnose if these are any issues and potentially, help make your site responsive on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, etc.) This is a very important and minimum requirement to get your site ready for SEO.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing and SEO are the requirement for today’s organic marketing programs. You really can’t have one without the other.

A good SEO strategy should be powerfully based on search intent of your ideal clients.  Their search behaviors will powerfully influence your content marketing strategy. We’ve got to get you positioned to  inform users of powerful content marketing topics, as well as the deliverability of the content.

Technical On-Page FACTORS

On each page of your actual site we set you up for success by carefully constructing the perfect areas to optimize your site for Organic Search. The focus here is on basic and not-so-basic features and ensuring proper SEO visibility through correct page titles, meta descriptions, H1s, H2s, SEO copywriting, and alt image text etc.. We make sure you have the proper plugins etc. to improve the functioning of your site & each page to get picked up by search engines.


High Quality Content

Content marketing today needs to focus relentlessly on quality over quantity in order to make an impact.  Your primary content should be written first for your user’s search intentions, and secondly for how engines recognize it. It should be Relevant, Informative, Fresh, High-Quality, Unique and Deeply Focused on Their Needs. We help you either create high quality content for you, or set up a system for your in house staff to implement for you.

Site Architecture & Speed

Once we have a clear idea of which core terms and topics that are best to target on your site, as well as a plan for how your users will experience your brand–we create a powerful strategy for you mapping out exactly how & where those words should be on your site. During this part of the process generally some significant changes must be made to improve your site’s information architecture, speed, user experience, navigation and URL structure. It’s vital to provide both users and search engines a crawl-able, error-free site. Once we have a powerful framework that’s solid we can help you scale with ease!


Getting your site exposure by other influential sites is our main priority to get you consistent traffic.  After we look at your site and all the things on the inside, it becomes time for us to help your site get exposure from other outlets.  Getting high powered links from other sites with lots of traffic is a major way we help you rank higher by making your site an authority site on your topics of interest.  Most other companies use poorly vetted attempts to buy links from large blog networks that are low quality gray & black hat tactics to try and manipulate authority. As a result that actually decreases your page authority and results in a lot of dropped links and automatic penalties from Google.  We use much more organic methods of helping you get exposure through viral content, PR, social media and some other fun ways to generate buzz about your brand.


SEO Plans

All Plans are Customized to Your Needs

52 Week Headline Titles – Keyword Specific Titles for your Blog for every week of the year 

The average plan to get traction for a brand is $500- $2497/month.

Mid-Level ecommerce brands get good traction around $4997/month

Larger brands get more traction at around $14997/mo.

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