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We at Launch Mastery Marketing focus on helping you get exposure for your brand or personality through powerful media channels and online reputation management.

We use powerful organic strategies to help you get this powerful exposure! We have tons of great relationships with some of the most powerful television networks & online publications in the world!

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Online reputation management (ORM)  is the process of improving public perception of an organization or individual by influencing search results. So ORM isn’t exclusively public relations or SEO, but actually a hybrid of the two. Let’s dig in deeper.

Email Marketing is STILL one of the most powerful & profitable online marketing strategies for brands, businesses, affiliate marketers & online marketers in general.  Having a healthy list is CRITICAL to your success in the online marketing world!

Your Online Images Can Be Affected by:


Bad reviews hurt your online reputation

  • consumers overwhelmingly trust online review sites to learn about products and services before they make a purchase.
  • fake bad reviews
  • Illigitimate Consumer Complaints

Reputation attacks

  • Online Defamation

  • False, Slanderous attacks

  • Whether the source is a bitter ex, disgruntled former employee, even a less than professional  competitor, you must fight back.


Unfavorable or misleading competitor comparisons

  • Customers do a lot of research before they decide which product or brand to invest their money in. And product comparison articles have a significant impact on their final decision.
  • Lots of these “product comparison” websites are actually disguised affiliates or allies of one of the products they compare.
  • So these companies can often own these sites & be using them to rank higher as well to out rank your voice.
  • We help you combat & get a strategy to beat out these voices in ranking.

Negative Articles

  • false information,

  • lawsuits and public scandals that attempt to dominate their search results

****But be warned: these situations are extremely delicate. It’s best to seek help from online reputation management experts so you don’t make things worse***

We help you get very clear with your Brand Identity & message so your business & brand is shown in the best light!

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