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We help ecommerce brands scale from 6 to 7,8,9 figures with our Bankable Ecom Brand® Certification Framework

And a powerful mix of Organic + Paid Marketing to help you be present across multiple marketing channels

Case Study

Fitness Apparel Brand Grows 459%

459% Growth in sales & reaching the mid 7-figures mark.

Consistently growing in sales on Facebook & Google, they were looking a place to open new marketing channels for new customers who hadn’t seen their brand yet. Pinterest + SEO were the perfect fit! With great product images & powerful keywords they saw radical growth.

14531% Growth in Viewership, 2.1% Conversion rate Increase

With new viewership and an education strategy geared towards Pinterest users & search intent, we saw radical growth in both viewership & conversion rate over a 4-6 month period!

Want to do it yourself but need more hand holding?

Whether you’re just starting out as an ecommerce owner/marketer or have been in the game for a while, this option will help you avoid costly mistakes while launching and scaling your ecommerce stores.

Want To Be At The Top in Search Results for Your Niche?

If you’re looking to reduce your ad spends drastically in the long run while creating a high reputation for your brand that brings a ton of organic traffic to your store, then this is the best option for you.


Want More Traffic For Your Ecom Stores?

Whether you’re just starting out as an ecommerce owner/marketer or have been in the game for a while, this option will help you avoid costly mistakes while launching and scaling your ecommerce stores.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Instead, You Can Watch What Our Partners Has to Say.

The Proprietary Way We Scale Your Ecom Business

Bankable Ecom Brand ® Proprietary Framework (& Certification Program) Dealing with these main problems:

  • Transitioning to a Foundational Brand Built to Scale
  • Organic + Paid Marketing
  • Increasing Average Order & Lifetime Customer Values
  • Building Recurring Revenue Models
  • Increasing Conversion rate Optimization

We do this to support your growth.

Here’s what we’ll do together in Bankable Ecom Brand:

  • Create systems so Your team is functioning smoothly & you’re not hyper involved in daily operations
  • Give you the maximum possible benefit you can get from setting up ads that actually convert
  • Identify & execute on ad platforms & strategies
  • Identify & execute on organic platforms strategies
  • Create a process for hiring and onboarding new staff
  • Identify & execute on scalable payment processing systems
  • Get clarity & processes in place for customer service
  • Master your tracking & target analytics & KPIs
  • Help get you consistent sales every day
  • Your cart values are going higher and higher
  • Your lifetime sales values are going higher and higher
  • You keep checking your emails and getting sales notifications
  • You eliminate the stress of feeling like your business is consuming your entire life & energy
  • You’re creating a community full of fans & customers who LOVE your brand, share it & send their friends
  • You’re no longer the bottleneck of your brand
  • You’re creating an impact and making life better for your customers
  • You’re an ECOM BOSSSS 4 Reals and you can see that in your bank account

About Lindsay

Featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Newsweek and many others, I’m a serial entrepreneur & traffic generation specialist who’s helped over 150 brands scale to 7-8 figure in sales per month. I run a large Pinterest Ads/SEO/Traffic Generation community, 2 digital marketing Agencies called Pins 4 Profit and BrandRanx Media, am a private equity investor in ecom brands, software developer and speak and consult all over the world! Sign up for one of my upcoming free masterclasses!

Who’s a good fit for us:

What are we looking for in potential partners?

We’re very selective in who we work with because we are super invested in the process and really are looking for long term relationships where we can all grow together

Question 1

Does your Business Generate over $20k/mo in revenue?

Question 2

Are you able to handle 250-500% business growth in the next 6-12 months?

Question 3

Do you understand the importance of advertising investment & are you emotionally & fiscally prepared to withstand a fast paced growth & testing period of scaling?

What working with us looks like.

Our Work Process.

STEP 1: Book a Call with us:

We only create very customized plans for each client. It’s our goal to create a mutually beneficial and long term relationship so we want to know & understand your goals, focus, struggles, budgets etc.

STEP 2: Our New Clients Selection Process

At the second step we do an in-depth analysis of your business, evaluate its current situation and growth potential for the next year. Then we do internal evaluation & voting, picking out the best businesses to partner up with for the next period based on your goals & our team fit.

STEP 3: 60 Day Trial & Testing Period:

We can use their copy & I’ll update it here before it’s live.


5 Weeks Facebook Ads Testing & Trial Engagement

If everything is right and we move forward. In 80-90% of the cases we suggest doing a preliminary 5 weeks engagement while working with only primary customer acquisition channels – Facebook Ads and performing market and consumer research focused on the Facebook Ads channel. (With some exceptions to bigger, strongly established businesses in a good situation to immediately jump into scaling mode.)

There are two goals here:

The First Goal: Is to minimize risks, expenses and to create a cost-efficient way for us and a new partner to see potential with Facebook Ads. In this time we can give 100% of our attention to the toughest channel – Facebook Ads and collect all the needed data to determine performance levels we can see in upcoming months and then decide if we want to proceed to STEP 4.

In this period we only charge a fixed $4500 just to cover our delivery costs without any long-term contracts and us not aiming to make any profit.

Second Goal: This is to minimize the risks for both sides. We understand that a lot of you have been burned by other agencies, long contracts, people who vanish for weeks or simply do not know what they are doing. On the other side, we also have been burned by the wrong clients.

In this time you will get to see how we work, how we communicate, and what results in we can bring. At the same time, we can also vet the partners to make sure we match well and can focus on investing a lot of our time into the long-term potential of your business.

STEP 4: Longer Term Working Plan Decision Point

After our initial foundation period, it’s our goal to make some longer term goals so plans have time to mature together and be evaluated properly over time with respect to necessary metrics, budgets & growth goals.
After we collect data and determine performance levels we are going to see. We evaluate our match as a partners. Then, we can all move forward and reach a mutual agreement whatever to proceed to the next, more serious stage where we are taking over cross channel marketing management of Ads, Organic Marketing, Landing Pages, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email, and SMS Marketing and delve deep into Bankable Ecom Brand Growth Framework and create next 6-12 months growth plan.

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